The CP007E incorporates the CPC7E filter which produces high-quality filtered alkaline water. Alkaline water helps your body to maintain its normal pH balance
and help flush toxins, leaving you feeling energised and healthy.

  • Alkaline filter

  • Removes 99.99% bacteria from tap water

  • Holds 1.3 litres filtered water (2.3 litres total)

  • Durable design

  • Calendar dial

  • 200 litres/ 3 month cartridge lifetime* (based on 2 litres a day usage)

The CP007E features a wave design for enhanced durability and is the largest capacity jug in the Cleansui range, making it ideal for providing water for a couple or an entire family. It holds 1.3 litres of filtered water or 2.3 litre total capacity.

The CP007E comes with Cleansui’s Super High Grade Filter, which removes all unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, agricultural pesticides and other contaminants, while retaining the healthy and beneficial minerals within the water. The proprietary hollow-fibre membrane filter removes particles as small as 0.1micron, which includes rust, fungi and all bacteria, leaving you with clean and great-tasting water every time. It also improves the taste of tea and coffee and the flavour of food such as pasta and cooked vegetables.

The filter has a 200 litre, or 3 month replacement life*. The modern red & white lid doubles as a manually adjustable calendar dial, making it easy to remember when it’s time to replace the filter.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 1.3 litres filtered water; 2.3 litres total

Size (mm) W x D x H: 265 x 115 x 300

Weight: (when filled with water): 900g (2,280g)

Initial Water Flow: 0.06 litres/minute

Replacement Cartridge: CPC7E (Can also be replaced with non-alkaline option CPC5E)

Cartridge replacement notification function: Calendar Dial